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Onesta Tile Supply was created to offer high quality natural stone, and expand the usage of these materials in residential use. Our staff has a true passion for this beautiful and natural material. You will receive personalized care to help with your selections and will leave your visit with a better understanding and appreciation for this durable and beautiful material.


Travertine, Limestone Slate and Marbles are created at various levels within our Earth and connect us to it, when used in our homes. Modern day techniques are used alongside traditional skills to cut, hone and polish these tiles. Stone floors (and walls) when properly installed will look gorgeous, timeless and last a lifetime. There is a style, color and finish to connect any décor.


Onesta Tile Supply takes pride in carrying only first grade stone, which is thicker and of a higher quality than many discount retailers.



With Natural Stone there is no such thing as a dye lot... each piece is unique and has many treasures within it, such as fossils and agates. You will have a favorite piece that speaks to your soul! This is a great opportunity to make your home stand out and last for generations.




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